Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"My King"

I am submitting this layout to Club Ck's (www.clubck.com) weekly challenge for this week (May 1). The challenge this week is in honor of the royal wedding. The criteria are: (1) You have to use a royal title in the title of the layout (2) You have to use bling on it. I had recently created a layout about Bill and my nicknames for each other (I'm his angel and he's my king) but I didn't use bling in it so I had to create another one using bling. I got to thinking about how I would create another layout using my nickname for Bill, then when I was watching The Newlywed Game yesterday one of the questions the ladies were asked was "Which of these famous Davids does your husband remind you of?" When I'm watching the show, I try to answer the questions as if I was being asked. Well, when she asked the question, I was expecting King David of the Bible to be one of the choices, but he wasn't. Anyway, I got to thinking why Bill is like King David and I came up with the idea for this layout. Here is the journaling: "I was watching the Newlywed Game. The ladies were asked "Which of these famous Davids does your husband most remind you of?" I was expecting King David from the Bible to be among them, but he wasn't. The choices were: David Beckham, Dave Chappelle and David Hasselhoff. My husband isn't anything like any of them. He's more like King David, because although he has his weaknesses, he has a good heart, just like David, the man after God's own heart. Coincidentally, my nickname for Bill is my king.


  1. I like the blue paper and the little hearts on the page. So sweet of you to give your man a crown so he will always know he is your king.....

  2. Thanks for voting for the NF charity. Love the layout too. :)