Monday, February 14, 2011

"Valentine's 2011"

Bill and I actually celebrated Valentine's Day the day before. We went to eat at Ala Thai because I had been having a taste for Thai Spaghetti. Funny story: We went to eat at another Thai restaurant once and I looked for Thai Spaghetti on the menu because I had had it at Ala Thai before and love it. Since I didn't see it on the menu, I askede the waitress about it. The waitress informed me, in a very rude tone, "There is no such dish as Thai Spaghetti. I have lived in Thailand and know all about Thai food." Well, when we went to Ala Thai yesterday, I looked at the menu to be sure it was actully on there and I didn't imagine it. Sure enough, there it was, so I ordered it and it was delicious as always! For something that doesn't exist, Thai Spaghetti sure does taste good!
Also, I bought a mailbox shaped cardboard box at Hobby Lobby, decorated it and filled it with handmade Valentine cards I had made for Bill. His Valentine's gift to me: He let me buy 2 scrapbook albums since Hobby Lobby had them marked down half price!
I also bought a solid white t-shirt at Hobby Lobby which I decorated to wear today.


  1. Cute shirt, darling mailbox and sweet pic!!
    Looks like you had an enjoyable celebration of love!!

  2. Hi Nora, I sent you an email just not sure how well they work off the blogs. Cherrie