Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Reflections of a Housewife"

I was inspired to create this layout after taking a pic of my reflection in a stainless steel pot to submit to a photo challenge on ("Faces in Strange Places"). The On Assignment challenge for the Dec. 2011 issue of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine ( is "Creative use of photos" so I submitted this layout for that challenge because of how I used the small phots as reflections of me in the hand-made mirror embellishments. Each "reflection" comes with a quote dealing with my reflections of my life right now. The quotes are: 1. I love being Mrs. William Henderson & that's the only title I need. 2. People don't respect me because I don't have a job. 3. Our grandmothers & great grandmothers didn't have jobs & people respected them. 4. People think housewives don't do anything but sit at  home all day. 5. A lot of people say they would get bored if they didn't have a job but I don't.
The glitter glue & the charms I used underneath the title were part of the pkg. I got from Cherrie at when she had her giveaway. The pkg. had a lot of nice things in it and I am excited about using more of them on future layouts! Thanks again, Cherrie!


  1. Like your take on the challenge. And you are so sweet with your kind words. SO glad you are able to use the things I sent you in such a great way......